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Kafka DVD | Welcome to my World | Vol 2 Kafka DVD | Welcome to my World | Vol 2
In this second in the Kafka series, Steve shows off two new brush designs, the Longliners and the Scriptliners. There are several demonstrations showing new tools an techniques, developed to make the artfrom stressfree for novice and...
44,95 € *
Kafka DVD | Welcome to my World | Vol 1 Kafka DVD | Welcome to my World | Vol 1
This my first DVD, is not meant to be an instructional video alone, but a demonstration as well. I show some of the basic capabilities of my scrolling brushes, use some new products, and demonstrate my style of pinstriping with the...
44,95 € *
DVD | Pinstriping Dynamics by Gary Jenson DVD | Pinstriping Dynamics by Gary Jenson
Here´s the ultimate guide for beginning to intermediate pinstripers and artists alike. Featuring Gary Jenson, one of the Wolrd´s best as you guide, this presentation pulls no punches in serving up the top professional tricks and...
44,95 € *
DVD | Kustom Pinstriping Techniques | Craig Fraser DVD | Kustom Pinstriping Techniques | Craig Fraser
Here is the complete video instruction on how to master pinstriping from Craig Fraser, one of the kar kustomizers in the world. Recommended for beginners and intermediates, this course is a must for the auto painter´s video libray....
44,95 € *
DVD | Wizard´s Scrollbrush Pinstriping DVD | Wizard´s Scrollbrush Pinstriping
Scroll style pinstriping is the fast track to big profits and Wizard reveals all about how to master this intricate art form through a series of designs on panels and a gas tank. This highly detailed step-by-step course is geared toward...
44,95 € *
DVD | Wizard´s DAGGER Pinstriping DVD | Wizard´s DAGGER Pinstriping
Learn all the strokes necessary to make a beautiful dagger style striping designs. Presented by Wizard, one of the best pinstripers in the world, this video will elavate any intermediate into a polished pro, and benefit even advanced...
44,95 € *
DVD | Wizard´s Pinstriping Basics DVD | Wizard´s Pinstriping Basics
Become a master pinstriper with Wizard's revolutionary 10,000 stroke training method. The 10 basic strokes are broken down in complete details. This is the most thorough video on the fundamentals of pinstriping. ca. 76min | english
44,95 € *
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